Video laringoskopija

Video uputstvo za korišćenje

Video laryngoscopy wherever and whenever you intubate

One size

allows you to
hold less stock

Single use

reduces the risk of cross infection and avoids reprocessing costs

Fully disposable

no need to remove batteries prior to disposal

Opis proizvoda / Product decription

i-view™ is the new, single use, fully disposable video laryngoscope providing the option of video laryngoscopy wherever you might need to intubate.

It offers a cost effective solution, by combining all the advantages of a fully integrated video laryngoscope in a single use, disposable product.

i-view™ incorporates a Macintosh blade, so can also be used for direct as well as video laryngoscopy. The ergonomic design ensures i-view™ is easy and instinctive to use and the integral LCD screen provides an optimal view in a variety of light conditions; and it’s ready for use seconds after removing from the packaging.

Key advantages of video laryngoscopy include: 

  • Better view of the larynx
  • Reduced head and neck manipulation
  • Less force required
  • Reduced attempts at laryngoscopy
  • Higher success rate than direct laryngoscopy when direct laryngoscopy fails

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